The Buck Stops Here!

The Buck Stops Here!

Trophy Whitetail Hunting in Pennsylvania at DannerHolz Whitetails. DannerHolz Whitetails is a World Class Trophy Buck Whitetail Hunting and Deer Breeding facility located in the middle of the Central Pennsylvania Allegheny Mountains.Big Bucks are special. Massive antlers are magical. Trophy deer are tremendous.

Deer hunters come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and skill levels. To me, any deer legally and ethically harvested is a trophy. It is important to not waste the hunt, experience, and meat. Wild game is a renewable resource that needs to be managed.

The traditions, rituals, and sport of hunting are something to be cherished. Humans are hunters and gatherers. It is in our DNA.

No other sport offers the same excitement. When the anticipation leads to the ultimate moment of truth, the hunter must exercise incredible self- control. Every sense becomes focused on the task at hand. The slightest mistake means a lost opportunity.

The sight of any deer is exciting but the glimpse of antler magnifies the intensity of the moment. Buck Fever can only be caught from a hunting stand or stalk.

Moving slowly, focusing on every movement, staying warm, and then….after hours of patiently waiting, the moment arrives.

Sometimes, the sun reflects off the antlers and they appear larger. Every “rack” has unique features, character, and stories to tell.

Shooter bucks are usually 3 ½ -7 years old. Younger and older deer have smaller antlers. As deer get older, their teeth become worn from chewing tons of grass, buds, and acorns. Great nutrition is essential to grow great antlers and healthy deer.

Harvesting a prime, healthy deer provides wonderful food and special memories. This experience becomes embedded into memories forever.

Seeing the antlers hanging on the wall reminds us that for one special moment, we focused, took a full breath, let half of it out and made an accurate shot. Nothing else in the world mattered as you did something perfectly.

The first thing you did when you walked up to the great buck was to touch the antlers. Photos, high fives, and yahoos followed. But the last ritual is to say a prayer of thanks to the great hunting spirit for blessing us with such a magnificent creature, sport, and life.

The Buck Stops Here!

“Montana Grant” is none other than Grant Soukup of the popular blog Montana Grant Fishing and Hunting, a Maryland native, and hunting and fishing enthusiast. Grant taught science in Maryland for many years before retiring, with heavy emphasis on the great outdoors. After a 13-year “vacation” in Montana, Grant has returned to Maryland, where he is a part time faculty member in the education department at Towson University, teaching an internship cohort of 16 future teachers. Grant is always teaching, and is happy to share his considerable knowledge of whitetail deer hunting here with you.