Whitetail Hunting Blog

Most hunters are winding down by Christmas. In Montana the season ended the weekend after Thanksgiving. Hardcore Buck hunters hunt through the entire season. January offers late season and managed cull hunts. In some states, there are special hunts, black powder hunts, crop damage hunts and late archery seasons. In
December 29, 2018


Buck hunters have many odd rituals, tastes, and habits! This is not much of a surprise since most male Buck hunters are probably all ADD anyway. The jury is still out on women hunters. Whether we are ADD, ADHD, or OCD, Buck hunters are special. They also have Special Needs
Congrats on the harvest of this year’s deer. Whether you bagged a buck or doe, you did it right. Being a Sportsman means an ethical kill and a legal hunt. Now that you have a deer in the freezer, what can you do with it? Some of the deer camps
November 24, 2018


Hunting is a Blood sport. Blood Trails are a part of the deed to harvest a deer. Once you release the arrow or pull the trigger, an ethical hunter must finish what they started. Not every shot ends well. An unseen stick can deflect the shot. A last second flinch
November 10, 2018


This years Rut is on. As the forests of the Appalachians have shed their leaves and mast crop, cooler weather and shorter days make huge antlered bucks, Horny! Sadly, this is their downfall as they search the forests and fields for a doe to mate with. Fortunately, one dominant buck