Whitetail Hunting Blog

  Great hunters hunt all year. We can only tag our harvest during the fall deer seasons, but the skills of hunting need to be addressed and fine-tuned year around. Everything from scouting, shooting, organizing, planning, property management, placing and maintaining stands, there is always something that needs attention. Here
  Pellet and smoker grills are the new grillin rage! I recently purchased a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill and have really enjoyed the slow cooked, smoke, flavor. It is hard to ruin a decent cut of meat. Using a combination of wood pellets, sauces, spices, and marinates, a griller can
April 12, 2018


Deer hunters evolve. The first challenge is to harvest a deer, any deer. Next, they need to harvest a herd of deer. Then, they target a BIG BUCK. Finally, their skills, and mind, are ready to challenge a specific buck! All hunters are not the same. During this early season,
Deer hunters evolve as they gain experience and confidence. They often begin hunting with a weapon passed down or borrowed. Usually it is a shotgun slug gun or a 30-30 something. The 30-30 rifle caliber has harvested more deer than any other bullet made. They are common and inexpensive. The
Deer hunting season is closer than you think. The bucks that survived winter are dropping last years headgear and beginning to grow new antlers now. Next years racks are sure to be bigger. Whether you lease property, hunt public land, or visit game farms and management areas, deer season is