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Deer hunting season is closer than you think. The bucks that survived winter are dropping last years headgear and beginning to grow new antlers now. Next years racks are sure to be bigger. Whether you lease property, hunt public land, or visit game farms and management areas, deer season is
February 24, 2018


Now is the season to hunt a hunter. Not just any hunter but one that is experienced and willing to mentor you. They are not easy t find and can be very elusive. Use patience and be persistent for success. Here are some suggestions on how to fill your tag.
No single wildlife species has been studied more than the Whitetail Deer! Today’s modern big game critter was once a fanged, small antlered, rabbit sized mammal. After centuries of evolution, adaptation, and change, we still enjoy this wonderful and specialized creature today. Deer ancestors can be traced back to almost
hunting knife
Hunting knives are an important part of the hunt. Many hunters pride themselves using huge Bowie Knives, or custom, super sharp, cutters. There are many great choices out there. Here are some suggestions. Years ago, I came home from school and zipped out the back door to deer hunt. Homework
Venison is delicious! Folks that don’t enjoy the harvest, are missing the best part. Usually they tend to overcook the meat or are not very creative when coming up with new recipes.  Below I will explain some recipes I have gathered over the years and show you how to cook