Joe and Joseph, MD

trophy whitetail hunting in pennsylvania 2021

Absolutely fantastic hunt from start to finish. Dennis, Donna, and the family treated us incredibly from first contact until the hunt was complete. While the highlight was certainly my son shooting one of the biggest deer we have ever seen, spending time with Dennis talking about past hunts all over the world was a close second. Harvey was a great guide who expertly supervised us from shot, to tracking, to butchering for the trip home. We highly recommend you book a trip at Dannerholz, it is the hunt of a lifetime and you will not be disappointed. Dennis is a great American that you have to meet!

Thanks Again.

Ashley, MD

trophy whitetail hunting in pennsylvania

I don’t really have words to describe this experience of a lifetime. My 12 year old son and I were treated like family. He was able to quickly get a 32 point, 207 7/8 buck of a lifetime. The whole experience is priceless. DannerHolz is top notch from beginning to end. The house and property is immaculate. It is so beyond beautiful, the pictures don’t even do it justice. Donna made sure we never went hungry with 5 star meals. They all made us feel at home. They have everything you need, want, and so much more. Dennis taught my son so much and gave us an opportunity we would have never found anywhere else. Harvey, our guide was incredible. Everyone and everything exceeds all expectations. I can’t say enough good things about this place. As soon as we got there, we seen the biggest buck of our lives. We will never forget it. Making memories that last a lifetime at DannerHolz.


Pennsylvania Trophy Whitetail Hunting

This place was unbelievable. My fellow Airborne Ranger and I both survived multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and promised to hunt together when we got home. We both took the biggest bucks we have ever seen. Our guides, Sam and Harvey were great. They wouldn’t let us shoot some of the first Deer we saw because they weren’t big enough, even though they were huge to us. The food was home cooked and fantastic, and the Ranch house  accommodations were first class. The Owner is a Veteran, and his entire staff treats you like family. It just doesn’t get any better than this place. Thanks for a unforgettable hunting experience.

“Rangers Lead the Way”

Dick Dehoff

Whitetail Hunts

I am PROUD to have harvested my buck at DannerHolz! Their whole staff took such good care of a 75 yr. old crippled up old man AND my wife that I was able to harvest this magnificent example of a large nontypical whitetail buck. Whether I live 6 mo., or a year, we will never forget the care, the respect and the hunting you gave an old man! I love you guys!


Whitetail Deer Hunting

Took this great buck after seeing him the day before, but couldn’t get a shot because of darkness. Went out to same spot next morning and caught him working his way to his bedding area. Saw lots of Bucks, but I wanted this bruiser that we had seen on the many trail cams throughout the Ranch. This Ranch does what they advertise. Great food, housing, guides, and hunting area. Wow! Couldn’t have been better!


Whitetail Deer Hunting

On the first day of my hunt, I told myself, don’t be in any hurry to take a good Buck. I would have two more days to select a Buck that would meet my expectations. I had been forewarned by Dennis, the owner, to take the first Buck you see that you really like. He told me that I would be seeing several Bucks coming into our food plot that evening, so be patient. However, you might not see those same Bucks again as there are 8 large food plots on the property, and the plots are planted with different crops. So the Deer have a choice of “restaurants “ to eat at. That being said, we were only in our tree box blind less than 30 minutes when this huge 140 “ Buck came strolling into our field. I told Sam, my guide, that that Buck had everything I wanted. Sam was whispering to me that it was a mature Buck around 140” with great brow tines and good mass. He didn’t get to finish his last sentence, “ he’s a good Buck and you can take h- -, Boom!, he went down in his tracks. I spent the next two day watching deer in different spots. Good thing I left my rifle at the Ranch House. I will be back next year.

Thanks Guys

Albert, MD

Trophy Buck Hunts

After 2 days of hunting I finally got the 207 2/8″ monster I was looking for. I saw over fifty different bucks, but was holding out for the buck they showed me on the trail cameras. Long tines and lots of points. He came out just before dark, and after I calmed myself down I shot the buck of a lifetime. One of the best Whtiteail deer hunts I have experianced.

Steve, VA

Whitetail Deer Hunting 190 inch

Sam, thanks for an unbelievable Allegheny mountain whitetail hunt. You and your staff provide a first class experience. Harvesting a nice buck was just the icing on the cake. This was the fastest 3 days of my life!!! Time flies when you’re having fun, and fun we did have. Can’t wait to come back.

Dave & Jarrett

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

The hunting was phenomenal, but the experience was something my son and I will always remember. Thanks for letting my son shoot a 6 point cull buck. It was his first deer, and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Shooting my 143″ buck pales in comparison when I look at the photos of my son’s first deer. Your philosophy of getting our children involved in hunting is the only way our hunting heritage can be passed on. Thanks for your great company and fellowship and the opportunity to witness breeding Whiteail in Pennsylvania operation.

Mitch, MD

Whitetail Deer Hunting

Dennis, I will never forget our conversation after our first 20 minutes in our stand. It was November 10, 2009 and the rut was on. When I saw that big 8 point chasing a doe and you said don’t shoot, I couldn’t believe you said that he was too young. But when you said don’t shoot the 10 point that followed I thought you were crazy. “Too small” you said, but that was the biggest deer I had ever seen , only now he’s hanging on my wall. He scored 137 5/8 and my two sons each shot deer scoring 142″ and 152″. Thanks for your hospitality and I doubt I’ll ever hear anyone else tell me, “Don’t shoot, he is too small”. Thanks and we’ll be back. For record book trophy deer hunts, I would come here.

Lance, MD

Trophy Whitetail Hunting

This was my second year at Dannerholz Whitetails and it just keeps getting better. Great food. Great service. The first year I shot a perfect 9 point 154 buck on the last evening, just before dark. The second year I shot a 165 plus typical on the first day. For the next two days I was able to sit in several blinds and saw over sixty bucks ranging in size from the 130’s to over 250″. Good thing I left my rifle back at the ranch! I’m coming back in 2011.

Bob Baker, MD

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Having had guided Whitetails deer hunts all over the US, Mexico, and Canada, I have to say this was the best hunt I have ever been on. Well organized with a wonderful staff made this hunt truly enjoyable. The thick racked 190″- 15 pointer was exactly what I was looking for. We saw several mature bucks every day, but I wanted a mature buck larger than the 172″ I had previously harvested. I was also prepared to go home without anything. On the last evening we hunted in a tree stand next to a “staging area” near a field hoping to get a shot before dark. Time was running out when Dennis, my guide, whispered, “here comes your buck.” He’s at least 185″. That’s all I needed to hear and my 125yd shot dropped him in his tracks. As we slowly approached him, there was no ground shrinkage there. What a trophy. What a hunt!! Thanks, Dennis, Sam, Justin, and the cook Jessica. Your deer preserve is the best I’ve seen.

Mike Coletta, MD

Whitetail Deer Hunting

Great hunt, great place. Excellent food and accommodations. I hunted during the “rut” and never seen anything like this. Huge bucks chasing does all over the place. I got a beautiful 10 point the second day. I’ll be back real soon. I also got to see their whitetail breeding facility located here in the Central Penssylvania Allegheny Mountains.

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