Hunters Storage Idea

Hunters Storage Idea

Deer Hunters tend to have way more junk than they need! Our Man Caves are full of old, unused, and extra junk. Each new season, there are new gadgets, gizmos, and garments that we can’t live without. The special goodies from the outdoor show or club event, just had to tried out.

Many hunters are still wearing the same clothes from decades ago. For some, it may be a lucky hat or shirt. For others, they may just be cheap. The newer garments, and “scent free” wear, are comfortable and effective.

New guns, bows, arrows, ammo, and optics, always become a necessity. Whatever your junk collection problem is, deal with it now. That way you can focus on next year’s hunting season and scouting. Here are some ways to help manage, and “Shed”, your hunting junkpile!

Give it away! If you have not used it in 2 years, find a new or youth hunter, and give it to them. They will be happy to enjoy your bounty, and the junk will get used. Maybe you can share, or swap gear with a friend. Sharing with others will result in good Karma. Maybe you will get an invite to a new hunting property, or make some new friends. At the very least, you will shed unneeded junk.

Craig’s list, yard sales, Amazon, and flea markets are also a good way to Shed your unused gear. Don’t expect to get the original price for your old boots, pants, and other items. They have been used, blooded, and worn. Their value to others will be at least 50% less than original costs. That 50%, you regain, can now be used to purchase newer and more junk! It is just another Deer Hunting cycle.

Sort out the junk you want and the junk you do not use or need. The “good junk” needs to be organized and stored for next season. In many cases, you will discover a stash of goodies and garments that you simply forgot you had. That pair of battery powered heated socks was a Christmas gift that ended up in the bottom of a drawl. If you had remembered them, they would have kept your feet warm during that January hunt. The other junk needs to be Shed.

It is amazing how much hunting time we waste, hunting for gear we can’t find! Large, sealable tubs are great for storing and protecting your gear and clothing. Organize and label the storage units for quick identification. Build a shelf in the garage, basement, or storage shed, to line them up. In this way, you can quickly find and see what you need. Use large, easy to read labels. The sealed tubs will also keep scent, mice, and other critters or bugs out of your junk. If the clothing needs to be cleaned, now is the time. You do want blood stains, dirt, and filth to set until next fall. Clean and repair them now. Add the lost buttons, sew the tear or rip, and inventory what you may need.

When next hunting season rolls around, you can unpack them, air them out, then add scent or non- scent, wafers to the tubs to make your gear hunt ready. Target your purchases for what you really need. Research, try on, and pick out the best gear you can find. Not all expensive gear is worth the cost. There are many new brands and small companies that make wonderful and practical clothing. New gadgets and gizmos are always coming out on the market at an introductory price. End of season sales can also help get great gear for less cost.

Hunting already has too many excuses. Inventory your ammunition and arrows. Use your old and mixed ammo for practice. Once you know what your rifle or gun digests best, focus your new purchases, or reloading, with these. Throw away any excuses you can imagine.  Organize your ammo to be consistent and perfect. Clean your weapons and store them securely. An inspection of your bow, shafts, and broad heads are also a priority. If a repair, new string, or other problem needs addressed, you have plenty of time to fix them, before next hunting season.

Use it or lose it! One shot kills are the result of many practice shots. Marksmanship is a perishable skill. With practice, you will improve your marksmanship. Neglect guarantees misses. Muscle memory is so important when shooting. Practice shooting wearing your hunting gear. Hats have brims that may get in the way. Gloves may be too thick. Coats and pants may be too tight. Your optics may need adjustment or you may need new glasses.

Hunting is not free. Honestly, if we went out and bought great beef and meats from the butcher, we would save money. The cost per pound of hunted, harvested meat is expensive. Somehow the priceless venison, or wild game, that we harvested, processed, and prepared just tastes better. As a father, I want to feed my family the healthiest food possible. Wild game is one way to do this. Every memory, meal, and experience of the hunt is priceless! Teaching others to hunt, feeds their souls, and spirit as well.

Playing with your Junk is fun! These ideas on how to shed, and organize your gear, are perfect rainy or snowy day chores.

Luck is when Planning. Preparation, and Practice come together. Shed some junk, and make it so!


Montana Grant

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