With Boughs of Holly

Deer heads, antlers, and taxidermy are all welcome works of art. Every hunter’s household have memorials of their successful hunts. The number of mounts is based upon the flexibility or the wife, or wall space.deer decor

Antlers are so magical.

Deer are amazingly beautiful and interesting critters. You can have a household of antlers without killing a single critter. Each season, bucks grow amazing headgear and after the rut, they are cast, or shed, off. When the season is warm, and food is abundant, the antlers can grow inches in a week.9c64669c0117c664686dd938c8a813fa

Every deer antler or mount has a special story.

Some are about what type of weapon was used. Maybe they are about a special friend or family member that was involved. Perhaps the location was of importance or maybe a challenge to drag the harvest out. Some bucks were scouted, patterned, and hunted for years. There might be just a “Luck Buck” on the wall. Whatever the buck symbolizes, each holiday offers an opportunity to include them in the festivities.

Antlers from hunter’s harvest are also on display

Full head or shoulder mounts also make for home decorations. To some hunters, these mounts represent bragging rights. For most hunters they memorialize a moment of great excitement, satisfaction, humbleness, and a memorial to a great story and critter.antler wreath

These wall hangers become a part of the family.

They are named, labeled and passed along as heirlooms. Each holiday, they become a platform for decoration. You need to routinely give them some care and maintenance anyway. These holiday decoration moments allow you to dust, groom, and shine the antlers. Every one of my bucks has the story, dates, and facts written on the back of the plaque. That way each story is preserved along with the mount.

Bucks already have a reindeer connection.

Add a Santa hat to each head. Maybe a few shiny Christmas balls from the antler. Decorating Grandpa’s Big Buck is a special treat. A ladder and some team effort are usually needed. There may be some special decorations specific for the buck. “Jessie’s Buck” now belongs to my daughter, since it was harvested on the day she was born. It is adorned with a Santa hat and some ornaments. Timber deer, made of logs and shed antlers are also a fun way to add some Christmas Bling to your yard. A festive wreath and some tinsel, decorative garland and ornaments, can surely add some holiday cheer to your yard, home, or camp.

Antlers can be stacked, hung, piled or dangled in a variety of ways.

Mrs. Montana Grant forms ours into a huge antler Christmas tree complete with twinkle lights. Fireplace mantels often are lined with antlers. Some creative folks turn the antlers into candle holders. Every decorative plan, like antlers, are unique and special.antler tree

Whatever your reason, find a way to include these wonderful forms of wildlife art into your seasonal celebration. Every person has their own idea of what beauty is, and some neighbors may not appreciate your choices. That works both ways. When Santa arrives at your house, he will enjoy the Christmas cheer.

Fa la, la, la, la, la, la, la!

Montana Grant

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