Hunting Is All About The Chase

Hunting Is All About The Chase

running deer artHunters hunt for many reasons. For some, it may be to just get out their outdoor fix. Others are about the groceries. Trophy hunters want their antlers, horns, or mounts. Whatever your reason to hunt is, everyone wants to be their best at what they do.

What makes hunters great? There is a huge difference between going hunting and bringing home the bacon. Knowing where, how, and why we hunt are all important. Attitude is essential for success.

First, rookie hunters need someone to look up too. Great hunters have great mentors. The skills of hunting are many and diverse. An advocate, friend, or role model will go a long way to teach skills and set the tone for being your best. Along with the learning will be lessons about respect. The respect for the wildlife, their environs, limits, rules, and other sportsmen. These lessons are best taught before they become learned the wrong, or hard way.

The next generation of hunters needs the positive example of how to do things right! Ethical hunters value the legal Chase, and sport of an honest hunt. Anyone can break the rules, cheat, poach, or take the easy path to killing a critter. This meat will always leave a sour taste in their mouths. Honest harvests are more flavorful, healthy, and satisfying.

Looking forward to the hunt is the second way to enjoy the chase. Hunters are born with only so many hunts in their lives. Each season is one less. As age, injury, stress, and life takes its toll, hunters have less quality hunts in their futures. Celebrate and embrace future hunts with great friends and new hunting apprentices. This will enhance the experience and allow the traditions to be learned, shared, and remembered.

Finally, all hunters need something to Chase. This does not just mean critters. Hunters need to also chase more than they chased in the past, to become better hunters. Staying the same, hunting less, or continuing to do the same things, is not an option. Fresh goals, dreams, and challenges are required to make you a better hunter. Imagine the kind of hunter that you wish to be in 10 years. Now, target the things that will help you meet those goals. In 10 years, critique what type of hunter you have become and reset the goals. You need to Chase yourself! If you catch yourself, you lose! The point is to always be growing, learning, staying in shape, and celebrating the hunt.

The bad news is that you will never master the hunter within you. The good news is that you will always have a fresh goal and reason to hunt. Being a great hunter is more than just hunting. Being your best flows into every aspect of our lives. Hunting is a wonderful metaphor for how we live our lives.

Chase your dreams and take along some friends with you. Always hunt to be the best at what you seek. Challenge yourself every step of the journey. Hunting is not just about meat in the freezer, it is about the spirit in your heart and soul.

Every new season is one less. Don’t waste them.

Montana Grant

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