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Healthy Aspects of Venison

Posted by bassnbeau on June 3, 2012

Category: Hunting
Healthy Aspects of Venison by: Jim Nelson Deer hunting season is more than a time for avid hunters to enjoy a fun and challenging outdoor activity; it is more than a time for hunters to fill their freezers with fresh caught meat; it is a time for people to change their diet to a healthy beef alternative – venison. Venison has healthy dietary implications… Venison is an excellent source of protein that is low in
Crossbow Hunting – Some Tips to Make Your Hunting Trip a Success by: Grady McGraw In order to make your crossbow hunting trip a successful one rather than one in which you come back home empty handed, here are a few quick tips you should pay close attention to. First, don’t go after the deer, but rather, let the deer come to you. Walking through the woods will cause rustling noises that will easily scare

Influences On Whitetail Deer Activity

Posted by bassnbeau on May 28, 2012

Category: Hunting
Influences On Whitetail Deer Activity by: John Cook Much has been written about deer movement in hunting magazines and I have been intrigued by differences in deer activity over the years myself. We have all been in the woods or maybe just while driving to or from work and noticed large differences in deer activity. You will have some days when you see many deer from your tree stand and other days when, from that