November 2016

AIM For The EXIT!!!

by montanagrant on November 25, 2016

The goal of every hunter is to make a perfect shot but what does that mean? The arrow or bullet needs to impact exactly where it is aimed. Aim for the Exit!!! The other day I was called upon to track a buck that was wounded from an arrow. The hunter had made a “perfect […]


by montanagrant on November 11, 2016

“Say Cheese!” These are often the words spoken after a successful hunt. You have spent cash, time, effort, and emotions to be holding your proud harvest. The priceless moment only happens once so get it right. Take a lot of shots! We no longer pay for developing of photographs. Those days are long gone. New […]

Another memorable hunt

by Dennis Danner on November 7, 2016

Two great guys with two great deer! These deer scored 237 on left and 217 on right!

The past weekend

by Dennis Danner on November 7, 2016

Great hunt this past weekend. Beautiful 8 point scoring 157 inches!

A day in paradise

by Dennis Danner on November 3, 2016

We started our season early on the Labor Day Weekend, with our two hunters harvesting two great 150+ inch deer in velvet. We have had hunters in camp every week and continue to be 100% successful, with several scoring up to 237″ SCI. The bucks have been starting to really chase after the does, and […]


by montanagrant on November 3, 2016

You can count on one hand the 5 most important things about Deer hunting. In truth, there is an endless list of other important things but that is for another article. Things always change so it is essential to adapt. Deer are incredibly tough critters to hunt. When you use a bow, muzzle loader, or […]