January 2017


by montanagrant on January 23, 2017

Great Marksmen practice their craft. You will not become a better shot because you want too, you will improve through practice. There is not just one thing that will make you a better shot but shooting more helps. One Christmas morning, Santa left me a Daisy BB gun. The model looked like a Winchester, lever […]


by montanagrant on January 6, 2017

Hunters and gatherers are necessary to feed family and friends. The deer, waterfowl, fish, and other critters are what is for dinner. There is no point in harvesting them if you do not plan to put them on the menu. Deer meat, or venison, is my favorite of all wild game meats. Whitetails are healthy, […]

Youngest hunter ever to harvest a deer

by Dennis Danner on January 5, 2017

This has got to be the youngest person to ever harvest a deer. I wasn’t sure I was going to let a hunter this young hunt let alone shoot a deer, and with a crossbow, too boot. However, his father assured me he was capable of hitting the bullseye at up to 30 yards. At […]