March 2014

A Marinate Made in Heaven!

by montanagrant on March 17, 2014

Marinates add flavor and tenderize meat. This is especially true when cooking wild game. Here are some tasty tips that will help your meat become even more delicious. Wild game has a “wild” odor and taste. It just does. Some of this flavor occurs due to improper dressing and packaging of the critter you harvested. […]

Montana Grant’s Last Stand!

by montanagrant on March 6, 2014

This year’s deer hunting season ended with several bangs! Montana Grant was chosen to participate in a “Crop Management Program”. His “Last Stand” was in a weatherproof Tower Stand with windows, a heater, and a comfy swivel chair. Now before you think Montana Grant has turned into a Wussy, let’s take a closer look. Understanding […]