October 2013


by montanagrant on October 28, 2013

If your hunting goal is to harvest a BIG BUCK, you need to hunt and scout year around. Scouting and preparation are essential for success. Hunt early and stay late when you hunt. Hunters evolve as their experience and skill levels improve. For years, I passed up bow shots at does so I could tag […]

It is never too early to start preparing for the upcoming fall hunting seasons. A successful hunt requires more than just a gun and appropriate clothing, so preparing early will allow you to enjoy a hunt that is focused on the goal rather than the fine details. Learn the State Regulations Every state has different […]

Read A Rub!

by montanagrant on October 14, 2013

Hunters love to get “Rubbed” the right way. I am talking about Buck or Bull rubs. Most hunters don’t really know what the rubs are telling them. Here are some tips on how to “Read a Rub.” Bucks and Bulls rub trees with their antlers for a variety of reasons. Old timers used to say […]